Rules For AlloTalk Stranger Chat

We expect all Users and Subscribers to abide by the following Stranger Chat rules. Breaking any of the following could result in a ban from using our chat rooms.

• You must be eighteen (18) or over to enter AlloTalk Stranger Chat

•  Users who are thirteen (13) or over must seek and receive their parent or guardian’s permission before entering AlloTalk Stranger Chat

• Do not use AlloTalk if you are under the age of thirteen (13)

• Please keep chat clean. The chat room is not the place to engage in vulgar and/or tasteless chat

• Moderators will not accept inappropriate user nicknames or conversations. Using either will result in a ban from the chat room

• Please do not use nude profile pictures of yourself. Doing so will result in a ban.

• No user is permitted to flood the chat room with content or disrupt other users’ enjoyment of the chat room. You will be banned if you partake in such activities.

• Bans can also result from posting your phone number, email address, instant messaging ID or cam requests in chat room posts. Bans can be instant, or you may receive a warning message. Repeatedly posting the same message is considered to be spam and could result in a ban being imposed without warning

• Any suspicious activity in chat rooms, particularly relating to the exploitation of users, should be immediately reported to the chat room mod or administrator

• No sharing or distribution of content for which you do not own the copyright is allowed. This includes copyrighted music and articles, as well as images, personal information and private chat messages

• Please only use the English language while in our chat rooms. This ensures our mods can keep the content of the site suitable and safe for all users.

• Posting links to .zip or .exe. files will result in a ban, as most such files contain viruses

• No racism, spamming, trolling, flooding, or roasting will be tolerated

• Please do not try to impersonate or clone another AlloTalk user, or claim to be a member of the AlloTalk Stranger Chat team. Doing so will result in a ban

• Please avoid posting any messages that promote rival chat rooms


The above rules cover the situations most often encountered in chat rooms, but they are not comprehensive. As a result, AlloTalk Stranger Chat mods are permitted to take action to preserve the smooth operation of AlloTalk Stranger Chat for all users.


AlloTalk Stranger Chat is monitored and managed by a team of highly valued moderators. It’s their job to both protect and help users, so be sure to ask them for help if you need it. Any decisions made by a moderator shall be considered final.


Please remember that chat moderators—like you—want the freedom to enjoy the experience of being in a chat room. They deserve respect and are using their free time to ensure AlloTalk Stranger chat rooms remain safe places for people to enjoy.