Why do we need Chat Rooms ?

Chat rooms are electronic forums where users can simultaneously share their views on a wide range of topics .They serve as a place for people with a common interest to form a community where they can communicate concurrently . Upon entering a chatroom, it is common to see a list on the screen with all users who are currently online, meaning that they are currently using the chat room as well. Once the text is submitted it almost instantly appears in a public message area where all other users can read and respond to the message. What makes chat rooms different from instant messaging is the fact that chat rooms allow for a person to converse with multiple people rather than a one on one conversation.

what you can do in Chat Rooms ?

-You can randomly connect with different friends
-Alloteens provides a safe Chat environment
-You can connect to people with same interests and hobbies.
-You can join for group chatting.
-Or you can also have private chat with a person whom they have developed a rapport with.
-The site also provides special emoticon and cool features also such as username/text colour, youtube option (from which you can send youtube videos), giphy, paint option, upload option, friends wall and one can comment in your post and can give reactions on the post and many more...... so that one cant be bored or loose their interest.
- You can acess the chat via guest mode also through which you can enter the site without login.
-The chat also provides Forums also where you can share your thought as well you get to interact with developers and you can convey the message regarding developing or some issue that you are facing.
-The site is monitored by a team of moderators who are here to help and ensure the safety of all users. And go through all the Rules in the Term of Use section.

If you consider generally, Everyone are more connected to their friends. Even if not on Internet or online, they like to spend time and talk with their best friends.

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